• Seed

Seed source is a plant or its parts which are used to produce the seeds that are classes’ seeds include core seed, breeder seed, foundation seed and stock seed. A qualified seed of superior varieties is one of the factors that influence the successful production in agriculture, without an exception chili. Productivity of hybrid variety is higher than its parent. Our seeds are consisting of imported seed with brand "Royal Seed" and local seed with brand "Montekar". One of our superiority seeds is they already in accordance with the decree of seed by the Ministry of Agriculture. Currently, there are three types of seeds that already registered: • Gunung Gede F1 ( big chili) (import) This chili is suitable for plains of low-high, the estimated harvest timing is 98-101 days, and it has high potential yields 22.81 - 24.25 tonnes / ha. • Long Chili F1 (long chilli) (Import) This chili type is suitable for plains of medium-high, the estimated harvest timing is 82-85 days after planting, and it has potential yields 14.68 - 15:48 tonnes/ha. • Pancanaka F1 (cayenne pepper) (Local) This chili type is suitable for plains of lowland-medium, it has an extra spicy taste, the estimated harvest timing is 111-112 days, and it has potential yield 12.16 tonnes/ha. Besides, our company PT. Agro Farmaka Nusantara has obtained certification Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) from accredited certifier body. Therefore, we ensure that good manufacturing practices (GMP) have been applied to produce fine quality products.

• Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer that comes from dead plant, animal manure and/or animal parts and/or other organic waste that have been through engineering process, solid or liquid form, can be enriched with minerals and/or microbes, which are helpful to improve nutrient content and soil’s organic matter and improve the physical properties, chemical and biological soil. The minimum technical requirements of organic fertilizer according to Regulation of Permentan No.70 year 2011 are the content of organic C - at least 15%; Nitrogen and Phosphorous 3-6%, and pH of 4-9. The good things and the above mentioned requirements have been fulfilled and as a standard of our products. The good standards on our products are be proven by obtanining register number from Department of Agriculture. Our organic fertilizer has been also get register number from Ministry of Agriculture.

• Fruits & vegetables

Fruits & vegetables are the food ingredients which are rich in fiber so it is good for digestion. One of characteristics good fruits & vegetables is having color as original fresh color. They also have a good texture, meaning it’s not too hard which indicates immature and not too soft which indicates over ripe. Their good form is on whole shape or not riven. Besides, there is no physical dirt (e.g. ground) or crop pests (e.g. worms). Therefore, to keep the quality of food products received by final consumer, good, our company has implemented a quality management system through a good way of handling from beginning until the end. In fruits & vegetables, it is need to consider the use of pesticides that may contain in final product. The pesticides used must to be allowed by the government. Content of pesticides’ in the products must not exceed the maximum allowable limits. To make it sure, our company implements a good handling (e.g. cleaning, etc.) as well as performs periodic analysis in accredited laboratories.

• Processed fruits & vegetables

Talk about processed fruits & vegetables, the products we offered are frozen fruits & vegetables. In general, characteristic of good frozen fruits & vegetables is not much different from its fresh. Its just the forms we’re received in a certain uniform pieces. Our frozen vegetables product has a uniform shape on each type. Freezing technique is used air blast freezing which will prevent quality loss due to cell damage. Cell damage can occur due to conventional freezing which causes increasing volume of the product then tissue’s damage. The use of air blast freezing will produce similar freezing speed between surface and inside product so that ice crystals forming on the surface & inside become homogeneous. This is one of advantages that keep our quality products.

• Fish and Squid Catching

Our company also engaged in fisheries upstream’s sector it is fish and squid catching. Here we also implement the requirements of quality assurance and safety of fishery products required by law. General requirements include hygiene; prevention of biological, chemical and physical hazards; control temperature by maintaining cold chain; using non-corrosive materials. Therefore we have food safety management system that includes the Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOP), Good Hygiene Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). Certifications that we already achieved are Sertifikat Kelayakan Pengolahan (SKP) and HACCP by Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Republic Indonesia. Sertifikat Kelayakan Pengolahan (SKP) is the official certificate which explains that the Fish Processing Unit (UPI) has met the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures). This certificate issued by General Director of Fisheries Products Marketing and Production (P2HP), Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Republic Indonesia. Besides, it need to consider the fisheries products containing biotoxin such as in reef fish containing ciguatera toxins and oyster containing biological toxin for example Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP), Diarethic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP), Amnestic Shellfish Poisoning (ASP), Neurotic Shellfish Poisoning ( NSP). We also do not use preservatives and harmful chemicals, food additives (BTP) we used are food grade. Talked about packaging, we use sterile packaging with well marked label.

• Baby Shrimp

Referring to the SNI 01-7525-2006, baby shrimp is a 10~15 days shrimp and be able to adapt with its environment. The resulting baby shrimp is a kind of Vannamei (Litopenus vannamei) from good quality nauplii with laboratory record free of viruses White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV). The qualities of baby shrimps are tested in Laboratory of Balai Benih Udang Galah Pangandaran, West Java. Baby shrimp’s seeding process is done through the standard processes of shrimp’s hatchery according to SNI 01-7252-2006 about Baby shrimp vannamei (Litopenaues vannamei) scattered seed’s class.

3.1. Telur tetas

Telur adalah bakal dari hewan yang dikelilingi oleh kulit yang dikenal dengan kerabang, dimana kulit ini berfungsi melindungi embrio yang ada didalam. Semua jenis telur memiliki tiga bagian utama yaitu kuning telur, putih telur, dan kerabang telur. Telur tetas merupakan telur yang diperoleh dari ayam betina yang sebelumnya telah dikawini oleh ayam jantan. Prinsip penetasan adalah menyediakan lingkungan yang sesuai untuk perkembangan embrio unggas agar menetas dengan tanda kerabang telur terbuka atau pecah sehingga anak dapat keluar dan hidup. Kualitas telur tetas yang harus diperhatikan antara lain kerabang telur yang bersih, utuh, halus dan tebal, bentuk telur yaitu bulat telur yaitu tidak terlalu bulat dan tidak terlalu lonjong. Selain itu putih telur/albumen (kekentalan/viskositas, dan ada/tidaknya noda), kuning telur (keutuhan, bentuk, diameter dan ada/tidaknya noda), dan kantung udara (kedalaman, letak, dan bentuk). Kantung udara telur semakin bertambah besar karena adanya penguapan air di dalam telur.

3.2. Anakan ayam

3.3. Telur ayam

3.2. Anakan ayam

3.4. Ayam pedaging

3.5. Pembiakan sapi

3.6. Sapi pedaging

3.7. Susu sapi

3.8. Daging ayam

3.9. Daging sapi

4.1. Pakan ayam

4.2. Pakan sapi

5.1. Olahan Ayam dan sapi

Produk olahan ayam dan sapi yang dihasilkan berasal dari daging sapi dan daging ayam berkualitas baik dan menggunakan bahan baku lainnya yang berkualitas baik pula. Perusahaan kami telah memperoleh Food Management System Certification ISO 22000. Oleh karenanya menjamin proses produksi yang baik untuk menghasilkan produk dengan kualitas baik.

5.2. Olahan Lauk siap saji

5.3. Olahan minuman

Terdapat berbagai macam jenis produk olahan minuman yang disediakan di Bohan antara lain minuman jus rasa buah (brand:Hei-Jui), minuman teh dengan berbagai rasa (), minuman kopi (), dan minuman penambah stamina tubuh (). Keunggulan yang dimiliki produk olahan minuman yang kami produksi yaitu antara lain sudah terdaftar di Badan POM dan proses produksi dilakukan dengan penerapan GMP & system HACCP.

5.4. Olahan susu

5.5. Layanan catering

6.1. Pergudangan

Warehouse yang kami miliki terdiri dari warehouse freezer, chiller, dan dry goods. Warehouse kami dapat menampung () ton produk. Proses penanganan produk dilakukan dengan menerapkan Good Handling Practices dan Good Distribution Practices sehingga kualitas awal produk terjaga sampai diterima konsumen akhir. Saat ini kami sedang dalam proses menuju sertifikasi ISO22000 dan akan terus melakukan perbaikan secara berkesinambungan.

6.2. Penjualan & Distribusi

Kami melakukan penjualan produk-produk dari masing-masing anak perusahaan agar produk baik yang dihasilkan dapat diperoleh oleh masyarakat luas. Di lingkup nasional, produk kami didistribusikan ke traditional market dan modern market. Selain dalam negeri penjualan produk kami juga telah merambah penjualan luar negeri salah satunya adalah negara Jepang.