Fish and Squid Catching

BohanFood has a fishing fleet and squid through PT. Kelola Laut Nusantara, with operations area in the sea of Java and the Natuna Sea. Fishing fleets owned ensure the quality of the catch kept in good condition by means of the cold chain.

Baby Shimp

To support the needs of shrimp farms owned company, BohanFood have a shrimp hatchery business unit through PT. Biru Laut Nusantara, with the type of shrimp Vaname. In addition to its own needs, the business unit also sells baby shrimp to shrimp growers in the sea south of Java.


BohanFood have a shrimp farm business through PT. Biru Laut Nusantara with shrimps Vaname. Shrimp farm which is owned conducted by the intensive system, semi-intensive and supra intensive.


BohanFood have a seafood business in through subsidiary PT. Kelola Laut Nusantara and PT. Biru Laut Nusantara. The types of seafood that is produced, as well as in frozen form but also in the form of sashimi. Seafood produced includes fish, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, fish fillets, fish meat, and others, which have been marketed to both local and export markets.