BohanFood has a seed business unit through its subsidiary company PT Agro Farmaka Nusantara (AFN), become a local seed products with brand Montekar, which is focused on horticulture seeds and food crops. Afterwards, AFN developed the hybrid seeds business unit with brand of Royal Seed, consisting of horticulture seeds.

Organic Fertilizer

To support agricultural business units to produce optimum results, BohanFood build organic fertilizer business unit through PT Agro Farmaka Nusantara with brand of Pupi. Organic fertilizer Pupi available in powder form and pellet form. The organic fertilizer is an attempt of BohanFood to utilize cow manure and chicken manure, which is the waste of a cattle and chicken farms business unit, through the decomposition process to produce high-quality organic fertilizer.

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits business unit of BohanFood were built through its subsidiary PT. Agro Farmaka Nusantara. This business unit has a modern agricultural system through a green house, semi open land and open land with a variety of systems that are tailored to the character of agricultural land d Indonesia.

Rice Trading

Business Unit trade rice Bohan FOOD through PT. Agrofarmaka Nusantara with brand of Sentra Ramos and Berlen. This rice trade business unit is done by partnership with the rice mill.